About Tehran

About Tehran

The metropolitan city of Tehran on the slopes of the mountains of Shemiran and at the foot of the magnificent mount of Damavand is the world famous capital of Iran and the province of Tehran.

It has been city for only 200 years now. With an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, Tehran is a city of all four seasons with hot summers, freezing winters and brief springs and autumns. The highest registered temperature in Tehran has been 42 degrees centigrade, while the low has been registered as 8 degrees below zero.

Tehran’s central position and economic flourishing has attracted great numbers of immigrants from other Iranian cities, justifying the nickname “the city of 72 nations”.

Tehran is Iran’s political and administrative center, a major focal point of the middle east and a city of international reputation.

Tehran’s grand Bazaar is a network comprising of several kilometers and thousands of shops that are run in the traditionally specialized way. Hundreds of thousands of people visit this huge shopping center every day. The oldest historical monuments of Tehran date back to the Qajar period. Some of them are: the Golestan Palace and Museum, the Shamsolemareh Building, the Imam Khomeini Mosque (ex-Shah Mosque), parts of the Bazaar, Firouzeh palace, the building of ex-national Assembly, The Pamenar Minarate, and Marvi School and Bazaar.

Some of the famous museums of Tehran are: the NationalIranian Museum (ex-Ancient Iran Museum), the Anthropological Museum, Abgineh (Glass) Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Central Bank’s Treasury Museum, the Fine Arts Museum, Decorative Arts Museum and the Carpet Museum. There are also several large beautiful parks in Tehran and its suburbs beside the city’s natural parks located in the mountains around the capital.

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